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18th Century Moroccan Castle - Level Art - UE5

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anas node

This is an environment which I have composed inside unreal engine 5 .In this project, I focused on landscape building, composition, exterior lighting, color harmony , and efficient game ready assets.I used blender, substance painter and desinger.Also, i used speed tree for trees building. Only grass and landscape textures are from megascans.As for lighting , I used lumen software raytracing .I did not use nanite in order to enhance my low poly skills. That is , no sculpting were used. I made mesh decals for the hard edges and tried to keep the assets as low poly as possible.

The environment is based on a real location in Morocco .It is an historical monument built in 1710 named "The castle of boulaouane".

Artstation link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/WmDznX


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