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Sketchbook: metaeevee

Hello! I'm Rae, and this will be my sketchbook. I will probably post a lot of Work in Progresses of 3D models/sculptures and digital paintings I do. I don't have any socials, but I will update when I get them.


  • metaeevee

    Hello everyone!

    I made a diorama recently of a space I'd love to live in. I tried to go for a fantasy aesthetic, while still keeping some more modern elements like the seal plush. I modeled everything in Maya and rendered in Unreal 5. I used a very basic texturing technique (still am developing UV and material skills currently!), but I think it has a nice aesthetic.

    Any thoughts or feedback you have would be appreciated. Thank you! :)

  • metaeevee

    Hey guys!

    I recently got into ZBrush and started sculpting a creature concept that I found. I re-meshed the typology since there was a lot polygons and put the model into Substance Painter to try to do my first bake ever. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, but I hope to work on it and get better in the future.

    As always, any thoughts or feedback you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys :)

  • metaeevee

    Hi guys! I recently did a model recreating Frostmourne from World of Warcraft. I modeled it in Maya, did some texture work in Zbrush and Substance Painter, and then rendered it in Unreal Engine 5. As per usual, if you have any feedback on it, I would be happy to hear! :)

  • metaeevee

    Hi guys! I recently finished up an environment based on a concept I found from Deviantart. I started my models in Maya, then brought them into Zbrush and Substance Painter, and finally rendered it in Unreal Engine 5.

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