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Hello my name is Raina Fuson. I'm an artist learning 3D game design and character design. I'm still learning so I'd love critiques.

My ArtStation is rainapjfuson4.artstation.com


  • Raina_Fuson_Art

    The story behind this is still being fleshed out but this is my geode city. Based in the far future where the earth is superheated lies this primitive crystalline city composed of glowing Silica crystals and habited by silica humanoids. In texturing, I had issues with UV maps so I ended up doing gradients instead. Some Critiques I got from my peers were to bring in more color variation, especially between the crystals and the geode interior. Also, the houses either needed to be lit up more or a lighter color. It was also mentioned that the lights from the lanterns were too intense and needed to be softened. But Other than those things I'm really proud of my work. With only a year of Maya and no experience in Unreal, I think I did pretty well for my first environment project. If anyone has any additional critiques besides the ones already stated I'd be open to hearing them.

  • Raina_Fuson_Art
  • Raina_Fuson_Art
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