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Seeking 2D Artist compete in WeeklyGameJam regularly

Hello! I'm looking for a 2D Artist I can work weekly or bi-weekly with on game jams specifically this jam https://weeklygamejam.itch.io/weeklygamejam. I have no preference on art styles or genres, I only want to polish skills, so if you have ideas feel free to bring them up. This is a space to experiement and make stuff (though id also like to win eventually!)

My only requirements are time zones and languages, they must be EST, CST, PST, or MST, Americas time zone only and English fluency!

I'm starting down a new path developing my ability to develop games with ONLY C++. I'm looking to use https://www.sfml-dev.org/ to develop games right now and branching out to different C++ libraries and programs.

I've worked in industry as a programmer and IT consultant.

Some extra stuff I'm good at:

  • Devops: so deployment of applications to cloud or on-prem cloud platforms
  • Bass guitar: I love playing my bass id love to put some music in a game but its not a priority

Check out my itch profile https://kitvonsnookerz.itch.io/ for more about me, it includes my twitter and github.

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