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[FILLED] Looking for Pixelart animator

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I am looking to commission some pixelart for a topdown medival video game. The first commission would include:

-2 animated characters (front, back, side view, walking cycle, attack animation)

- 2-3 basic background tiles

-Size would probably be either 32x32 or 64x64 but would need some discussion

Naturally more commissions would follow if I am happy with the results. The total scope of the project would be fairly small concluding around 6-8 animated characters, a dozen background tiles and some envoirmental decorations. Altough depending on how it goes I may commission more work if expanding the scope of the game seems worthwhile.

Regarding the game it is simply a older small passion project of mine for which the base gameplay has been implemented but I just never got around to finishing it. The gameplay itself involves facing an army as a lone fighter. Of special note is that the player and some enemies can control the weapon separately (similar to some twin stick shooters where the gun can go around 360 degrees) which may complicate the art work. Here is a old video of some gameplay to illustrate the point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tms7MT_jbCI

Important to note is that I am just a programmer and don´t have any experience with graphic design. So while I can give some direction on what I want, I do need someone with actual experience in creating pixelart for video games to call out any stupid or misguided ideas on my end.

Since it is a passion project there is no strict timeline. Only thing to note is that I won´t give out the commission before november due to time constraints on my end.

For anyone interested just send me a message.

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