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[PAID] Looking for 2D animator

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NielsWosylus polycounter lvl 4

Hi, my team and I are currently looking for a 2D animator for an unannounced indie title for PC/Console. The game will feature 2D characters seen from an isometric perspective drawn by Jake Morrison (https://www.artstation.com/jakemorrison). We are in the works of creating a visual prototype, and we need someone to help bring characters to life through rigging and animation. We are looking for someone to join the project long term, and working on the prototype serves as a kind of introduction. 

Initial workload:

  • 3-4 characters, fairly small in size
  • 5-6 animations per character
  • Animations are about a second or shorter

Software: Could be something like Spine, but it is entirely up to your preference. Has to integrate with Unity. 

Let’s chat if you’re interested! I’ll be happy to share more details about the project. 


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