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Experienced Game Developer looking for Partner 3D Artist or small Team

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I've been an independent developer for more than 7 years and would love to find an equal development partner or a small team to take our projects to a new level.

If you are an individual:

We would work out future projects together and you would be responsible for the realization of Characters, Props and Levels in 3D. You have experience in creating assets for games and know how to Model, Texture and Rig. Above all, you can choose the artstyle so that a project can be completed in the specified time and budget.

I don't aim to create games with a AAA look. There are many artstyles that can be done in a small team and with a small budget. I am not looking for a paid freelancer. The goal is to publish games and split the revenue 50/50.

If you are a small team:

You are working on something interesting in Unity and looking for an experienced developer to ship your products to any gaming platform. Your teams main language is either English or German and you have people on board who have shipped a product before.

Depending on your expertise and track record we could negotiate payment and/or revenue split.

About me:

I have more than 7 years of experience, released titles on PC, Mobile, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Console Dev Kits available. I also develop tools for the Unity Asset Store. I can do rudimentary modeling, texturing and animation in Blender. As far as it goes, I would rather do the technical implementation.

I have a legal entity registered in germany, am able to publish on Steam and other stores and have Nintendo and Xbox developer access.

Some of my Work:

(Cant link everything i was involved - esp the mobile stuff)




If you are interested please PM me with a portfolio or links to stuff you made or your own website.

If Discord is your thing, then head over to my channel and say hello.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BPR3p84ZFH


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