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Thyra - Thunder Goddess

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Aika2033 polycounter lvl 2

Hello people!

I present you my actual masterpiece of my 3D Art Portfolio.

Hope you like it and tell me your thoughts please!

Searching for a job right now, so any connection would be great for me :D

You can find the full process creation and workflow at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/B32G3r


  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator

    great quality model, I think the presentation could have been a bit better, the values here look rather muted. Heres a quick photoshop mockup to show you what I mean - I boosted the contrast, especially brightness and contrast of skin and added a post process to offset all the colours a little. Also I think the fur could use a few more layers to make it feel less flat, hair/fur is hard :P. Really solid work anyway!

  • Aika2033
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    Aika2033 polycounter lvl 2

    Sure! Thank you so much for the feedback tho! I still lack in the presentation and, as you said, i need to enhance the colors to make the character more "alive". About hairs and fur, also it was my first time doing a project like that and i definitely need to learn a lot and level up on that.

    Btw thank you again :D !

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