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How do you Import everything from an older version of blender to the current version?

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Method14253 polycounter lvl 3

Hi guys I have been trying to update blender for years now, the pop up prompt to import older settings never works and I have to wait for the next release to even get another chance to try it again. It has been horrendous to just get my blender setup the way I have it on 2.83 which is how far back I have been trying to update Blender. Any guru with knowledge on how to import my setup/plugins/and preferences (without using the initial option to import after installation) would be greatly greatly appreciated.


  • rexo12
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    rexo12 greentooth

    This might be a QoL thing to raise with the devs tbh.

    User preferences are packed into individual blend files on blender, so blender really just loads a saved .blend file on startup. If you're on windows, try looking in "%appdata%\Blender Foundation\Blender\<version>\config\" for the "userpref.blend" file. Try loading that in your new version, and then save your user preferences. Addons and stuff will most likely break however considering how far out of date you are.

    I'm surprised you haven't just manually updated your preferences by this point.

  • Tiles
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    Tiles greentooth

    It depends of what you mean with doesn't work. In case it reproduceably fails with an error message, make a bug report i would say :)

    rexo12 already pointed to a possible solution. Assuming you are at Windows, go into the direction

    C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender

    Now have a look at the numbered folders. They represent one of the Blender versions each, with all settings and addons.

    I assume that you clicked at the next button already in the new version. This creates the folder for the newest version already. Now enter the old one where you want to copy the settings over.

    In \scripts\addons you will find all your installed addons. Copy them over to the new folder of the new version. What is left then is to turn them on again.

    You could also copy over the startup.blend and userpref.blend files in the other folders. But i wouldn't recommend it until we found out what exact trouble you have. Is it an addon failing? Or is it a more general problem?

    Kind regards


  • Method14253
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    Method14253 polycounter lvl 3

    Tiles. WOW, that actually worked. FINALLY after years of trying to get this to work I can use a new version of Blender I'm going to cry haha. Thank you so much!!

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