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Lightmap Density based on camera distance?

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jordank95 polycounter lvl 7

Trying to figure out how to set lightmap resolution based on distance. Im working on an isometric scene and since the camera is further back, Im assuming I dont need as high lightmap resolution? Though no matter what camera distance, the Lightmap Density view mode will show me the same color coded meshes no matter what distance Im at. I have a bunch of blue colored meshes (low res lightmap), but is there a way to have the colors adjust based on distance? Or is it more of a try it and see if it looks good?


  • rexo12
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    rexo12 greentooth

    It sounds like you just want to change the lightmap density debug colours for your specific project?

    The "Using the Lightmap Density View Mode" section in the documentation below has some details on how to change the debug colouring:

    If you are actually trying to scale the lightmap resolution itself, remember that lightmaps are baked textures, and so the lightmap density viewmode is really just reporting the texel density of your lightmaps (that is, the texture pixel to mesh surface area ratio). This is not something that can (sensibly) dynamically change with your camera view distance without a full level bake. You will just need to reason about the maximum, minimum and mean distances a camera can be from a given object, and decide on a lightmap density that suits, or use stationary/dynamic lighting.

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