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Need some feedback

polycounter lvl 2
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Basicn0ob polycounter lvl 2

Hello guys. im texturing this hand drill and i think i need some feedback because i don't really know what to add/remove any more, especially with the metal areas, if i could get some help i'd appreciate it.

I'm going for a look that's not necessarily brand new but also not old/used enough to be fully covered with dirt and rust

Thanks in advance


  • teodar23
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    teodar23 sublime tool

    Even if its brand new some grunge build up in occluded areas goes a long way. Or where 2 pieces meet it should suggest that those pieces have some sort of influence on one another. Right now it looks a bit cgi and this is one way to mitigate that.

  • pistachio
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    pistachio polycounter

    you got this so far, the wood grain esp. is spot-on. just future tips for metal textures. kind of universal stuff. this kind of brushed steel/alloy can get some polish at sharp angles where it sees a lot of use. bigger scratches build up/get deeper on those angles, basically the same thing.

    so this edge wear and the grunge teodar23 is talking about would make the small grid texture look less clean. if you wanted to go for that

    not a whole lot to say there. gotta see more complex props yo. looking forward to some work.

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