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I need your feedback

Hello! This is my first big finished work in a long time, in which I tried to show my skill of work with shapes and textures. I also liked working on a model that would later move and pay attention to it when creating it. I took the Chaingun from Doom as a basis and decided to design it in the form factor of a turret.

In general, I like the result, I like the ratio of shapes and how the textures look, but I'm interested in other people's opinions about all this. The problems that I can highlight from this work, I would call these: because this is a turret, a potential observer will never see movement from above with a shift of the blocking part, which leaves back and releases the barrels. Also, I understand perfectly well that after expanding the barrels, they simply do not have enough bullets to shoot for so long. And perhaps such long shafts can be a problem when used in closed spaces.

What would you like to improve in this job?

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