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Beretta M9 pistol and Hitman's Bedroom diorama.

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In the past three months, I completed two projects, and for those two things, I made a game-ready realistic Beretta M9 pistol, a magazine and 9mm bullet and some realistic game-ready props. Specifically, I chose a Bedside table and the assets on top, and I focused mainly on that bedside arrangement as the hero piece for a bedroom diorama. I did these projects with high detail and close-ups in mind (high LOD). So, the geometry reflects that by having high curvature on the rounded edges and high-resolution 4k textures to ensure the details are crisp for close-ups.

Here are the final results of those three months.

These are the final Beretta M9 and bedroom shots with all the side props and the hero piece, which is the bedside table arrangement.

Whole Bedroom shot.

The close-up of the bedside table.

A close-up of the alarm clock and pager on the bedside table.

A regular and close-up studio-lit shot with the Beretta M9 in and with gun cases.

Studio lit shot with Beretta M9 presented against the gun cases with magazines and bullets.

Studio lit shot of the Beretta M9 slide cocked and unloaded, exposed magazine and bullets.

These are the Beretta M9 and hero piece props individually presented.

Presenting the Beretta M9 in its completed form with magazine and bullets.

Wooden bedside table.

Casio TQ-140 Alarm Clock.

Casio Pager

Leather journal.


Here are the wireframe renders and textures used for the assets.

Some references, drawings and block outs I made at the start and used throughout the projects.

These are examples of other people's work to see how they did their rooms or dioramas.

Here are some of the block outs I made and implemented into the game engine.

These are the high-poly versions of the Beretta M9 I made using Ben Bolton's 3DSMax/Zbrush workflow. These high-polys were used for baking onto the low-poly versions.

And these are the low-polys.

Same with the 9mm bullets.

After that, I added the textures to the models, added them to the game engine, and added final touches like vertex painting the wall paint and lighting the environment with the use of some colour value spheres.


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