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3D Artist Generalist - BAPBAP

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LouisPhilippe greentooth


We're a small team with big dreams - building an upcoming Battle Royale game aimed at casual players.

We're looking for a full-time generalist 3D artist to join us. If you're someone who loves to work in a small team and want to have a big influence on the final game, then this opportunity is perfect for you.

We move fast and get sh*t done. Come join us before we get bought out by Tencent ;)

Check out the game we're building at https://bapbap.gg


  • Be the main environment artist on the team
  • Translate 2D concepts into 3D assets
  • Create 3D models for environments and props
  • Assist with 3D characters
  • Integrate assets in the game engine
  • Collaborate and contribute to thematics, world building and lore


  • Extremely self-motivated
  • Kickass portfolio
  • Passion for stylized art
  • Comfortable wearing multiple hats
  • Gamer with knowledge of multiplayer games (MOBAs, Battle Royales, etc)

Apply Here!

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