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Barbarian - 3D Fantasy Character

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MomentoDemento polycounter lvl 2


I would like to present you my first character, a troll-killer tough barbarian on which I have worked in the last 2 months.

Here are some images, but you can find the full project with additionat turntables and info on my Artstation:


The original concept art by Dexiong Gu:



  • kanga
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    kanga quad damage

    Nice work!

    The skin looks dead. If there is texture I cant see it. Cant see any secularity. The face model is not that great, the concept is more expressive. The lighting is not very imaginative. Have you looked at 3 light setup? The beard has a lot more expression in the concept. This piece could also use some HDRI. Is there a normal map on the ground? I reckon you should get the anatomy stuff going cause it looks like the prop modelling is pretty good.

  • wirrexx
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    wirrexx ngon master

    The last 10 % is going to be the hardest.

    In the concept, The characters head is tilted down a little bit and the eyes are going up. More of a fierce look.

    1. Head is more expressive and tilted in the concept
    2. Skin is more broken and scarred, This guy does not leave somewhere tropic, his skin has not seen Sun in a long time
    3. Stones and Metal have more color variation in them (even if subtle)

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