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XGen - Problem with saving Modifiers

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Despite being on the XGen contents page and hitting New Topic, there doesn’t appear to be any category related to XGen. Might be good for someone to move this to an appropriate place. :)

There doesn’t seem to be any decent forums related to XGen issues, so I thought I’d try here.

I’m having problems with exporting out Modifiers so I can use them on other Descriptions. It took me ages to figure out how to get them to work, but now something else has gone wrong. So I got the Maya.env file set up with the environment variable pointing to my custom directory, which is on MEGASync. XGEN_CUSTOM_CONFIG. That was saved to the default location - C:\User\USERNAME\Documents\maya\VERSION - and then I added the three necessary folders in my custom directory - fxmodules, expressions, and archives - and then added that directory to the .env file using GlobalRepo or LocalRepo. It all works great on my laptop. As soon as I export out a modifier, it lists it under Load > Local.

However, on my PC, it never lists anything. The .env file has been copied over to the same place on the C drive and the other directories are exactly the same on MEGASync, which is on the D drive. Despite all that though, they just won’t show up under Load. I’ve even tried deleting the modifiers and saving them out again, but nada.

Has anyone encountered this before? Or does anyone have anything they could suggest to try? I’m out of ideas.



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    DustyShinigami polycounter lvl 4

    Managed to get it fixed thanks to someone on Discord. If anyone has the same problem, the fix (for me, at any rate) is to make sure there are no spaces in the directory path inside the Maya.env file. Any folders that have spaces in their names, put a '-' there instead, so it should look something like this:

    LocalRepo D:\MEGAsync\UE4-for-Real-Time-Hair-Course\Project-Files\XGen\xgen\fxmodules

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