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[CLOSED] Looking for 3D Artists (3 to 6 month project)

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The game we're developing is a FPS that has a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and urban gothic themes. The FPS will be a game mod based on open-source engines Cube 2 and Tesseract with gameplay similar to Red Eclipse and other FPS games.

Hello, we're hard at work developing a game mod. We already have developers who can modify the game engine really well. All we need now are 3D artists that will help out on the 3D artwork as we keep building on top of the game engine.

We need 3D artists who can either do one or all of the following;

- 3D modeling

- Texturing

- Rigging

- Animation

So if anyone fits these roles, feel free to respond and I'll get back to you. Also I'm good to pay for your work initially before I start raising funds. Just let me know your rates.

The best way to quickly inquire is sending an email: [email protected]

For now the project is self funded, but there are plans to raise more money for the game mod once it is complete. The funds raised will help the team create a full-fledged game with constant updates. Also the game will be heavily marketed to insure that more players will find out about this game.

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