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Graduate props artist avaliable

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Ozwaar node

I’m a graduate student from Escape Studios who has studied 3D environment game art, and I would appreciate it if you would consider hiring me for a role as a props artist

I am willing to work in an internship role if my experience doesn’t justify hiring me on a paid basis.

On my more recent project titled “Lost Sister” which you can find on my ArtStation, I have prioritised using minimal polygons and texture sizes to provide realistic, quality-made props. I have also ensured any design feels like it naturally belongs in the scene, for example creating sand build up, showing how the scene has been affected by the environment. This demonstrates the level of dedication and attention to detail I would give. I worked on this project as part of a 10-person team and I enjoy being part of a collaborative journey.

When employing someone like me, you will come to realise how willing I am to learn and how focused I am on my art. During my degree level course studying “The Art of Video Games” over the last 3 years, I have gained the respect of my peers and my tutors, because of my drive to improve and adapt, listening to feedback, as well as returning the favour by offering constructive criticism. Only recently did I learn about using smart mask generators to have grunge naturally build-up in crevasses of props, rather than using just grunge maps, credited to my tutor who gave me feedback. Of course, I understand that independently solving problems, and using my own initiative to find ways to improve are also important to grow, and this is something I also try to do.

Through examining the rest of my CV and ArtStation, I hope you will consider me a valuable asset, so that I can become part of the team to work on the many exciting projects in the future. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Oscar Brittain 

Artstation: ozwaar.artstation.com

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