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[WIP] Need feedback -Small town

Hello everyone! I'm working on location of a small towm in Unreal Engine 4 and need some good feedback.



  • Lukes3D
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    Lukes3D triangle

    The modeling and texturing looks great, but I think the lighting could use some work.

    Seems like it needs more darker shadows, and AO. Too much ambient light.

  • Bhasara
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    Bhasara polycounter lvl 6

    Hey great job on the the overall environment ! It has great potential and looks pretty cool !

    As @Lukes3D mentioned, it feels a bit too much on the bright side, not enough contrast in color/lighting I think.

    I'm not expert in stylized/hand drawn textures, but painting darker areas would help I think (look at the roof tiles on the concept for a good example)

    The lighting on the concept looks more lire a sunrise while in your scene it looks like a noon time lighting, which is relatively "uniform". Play with the lighting settings a bit, see what results you can get. It would be my first move and if the lighting looks good after that and still the texture don't pop as on the concept work on the texture itself.

    Keep it up it's quite cool :)

  • nexussim
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    nexussim triangle

    I think it looks wonderful and agree with the advice given.

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