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[WIP][UE5] Aqueduc

polycounter lvl 2
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Alusfier polycounter lvl 2

Hi :)

Would really apreciate hearing your opinion and critiques on composition, color and other stuff


  • Bhasara
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    Bhasara polycounter lvl 6

    Hey nice industrial mood :)

    If I may give some personal feedback, you have this noice contrast with the dark background and the big spotlight on the aqueduct wall. I would add some big prop at the spot of the number "7" on the wall. It could be a huge door, an ad panel, or something that you want to show to the viewer, while adding a bit of story to you piece. Right now, I don't really know what I should look at in the scene, mainly the wall with the 7.

    You could work on the lighting to add more rim lighting. Like the sandbags close to the camera. Adding a dim light and/or making the edges pop a little bit more would add depth I think.

    I like the small touch with what looks like a futuristic microwave, but it doesn't feel like it has the love it needs in the composition. Like it's just left on the side and a bit small.

    One thing that could be cool but could also change the whole lighting of the scene, so tread carefully, would be to see the sunrise at the top edge of the aqueduct. Right behind the antennas for instance.

    Did a quick paintover for some of the lighting ideas (I'm REALLY NO EXPERT :p) But it could give you some pointers:

    If you go for that kind of lighting, probably dim the spotlight a bit.

    And you have that big dark mountain at the back that could also use some love. Adding small light dots, like there's a road coming down from it to the aqueduct entrance would also add a bit more depth to it :)

    I know working on large scenes like that can be tricky so great job so far, texture wise and props wise !

    Keep it up !!

  • Alusfier
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    Alusfier polycounter lvl 2

    Thank you for your thoughts :) I definitely need to rethink my focal point and eye guidance

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