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making bokeh-like thingies bubbling in a scene...(sorry for this haha)

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Hi guys and gals,

Excuse me for this extremely vague topic title, but I don't know how to call this properly. Hopefully the attached image makes all the sense that's needed. But first this little backstory to explain what I'm after:

I was working on an image for this month's challenge. As I finished it I figured it would look cool as an animation. So I set some things up in Maya + V-ray and rendered out one shot (YouTube link: https://youtu.be/Gn_tMjTEows).

But rendering times are killing me. This first sequence wasn't all that bad, but the second shot I rendered was like 100 hours of rendering for less than 10 seconds of animation (YouTube link: https://youtu.be/wPdZe6Jmb8Y)

So I figured that maybe I could recreate the scene in Unreal Engine 5 and set up the animation there and hopefully get much faster results.

So I tried diving into Unreal a bit and soon I was already having a pretty comparable light/fog setup. But this is where I also seem to get stuck a bit, as I don't really know how to get the rest of the effects that make the image look like it does.

How I previously did it was rendering the frames in Maya, made a PSD with some overlays, opened that in AfterEffects and faked my way further. But in Unreal I would love to have these effects already present, so I end up with rendered frames that just need some curves and color adjustments in post, nothing more. In the attached image thing become even more clear, I hope. (Link to a higher resolution version of the attached: http://www.ferrypasschier.nl/TEMP/Maya2UE5.jpg)

So this is basically my question: how can I get the look I'm after directly in UE5.

Who can help me get up to speed? Any tips are highly appreciated.

Also I would love to ask how I rotate an object around a specific point. Can I change the pivot in UE5 or is there another way to do this?

Thanks in advance!!

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