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I write on behalf of a US based company called ZINU - Wearezinu.com

In short, Zinu is a web3 (crypto) project, and the mascot is zinu the zombie dog.

We use zinu in short animations for all our marketing and promotions.

so far, I have been the only 3d animator (Actually im a arch viz guy, but somehow i ended up doing short animations the past 8 months :-D ) But we are looking to scale up the quality of the animation side.

January through march, i created 1 short 5-15 sec animation a day, but due to other focuses on my end, we need a new person to take over that part. Not necesarily 1 animation a day...

Please have a look at the youtube page and website. If you can create similar quality (BETTER!) Then you could be our new guy/girl.


Your tasks will be short animations, and various still poses.

We dont care about what software you use, where you are located etc. All is remote. You schedule your day.

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