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Searching for 3d modelers and 3d animators to collaborate on short animated filmmaking !

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Hello everyone !

I am looking for 3d modelers and 3d animators in order to form a short animated filmmaking team . I am completely new in creating animated movies and willing to increase my experience in that side of work . As I do not mind having beginners like me to this industry of work .

The revenue plan is Revshare , meaning when the short animated movie is published and if it makes any money , that revenue will be shared equally for each one in the team . The team is hopefully for a long term in order to collaborate with each other and make an amazing movies , since as you know even a 5 minute movie would take a long time to make . There would be no unfinished projects at all since I understand there would be a lot of efforts spent within developing a project .

So if you are interested in what I have said , and would like to be a part of the team or just for asking a question , DM me on Fadel#1811 .

Thank you for your time reading my message , I really appreciate it !

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