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Critique needed for crossbow (one part of my FYP for my masters degree)

HI everyone, I'm new to polycount. I thought I'd share a work in progress that is part of my final piece for university. I'm currently nearing the end of my masters and I'd appreciate some feedback in order to allow me to form a critique. Please feel free to share your thoughts, let me know any good and bad points it will help me out greatly.



  • SimonKl
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    Hi David, your crossbow looks nice!

    Things I noticed:

    1. The arrow looks a bit off compared to the rest, Having this kind of ribbed metal seems not fitting for an otherwise medieval appearing crossbow. While it might still be fine on the shaft, definitely not on the tip. Is that fish leather on the feathers? I'd suggest having the arrow tip in a similar style as your already existing spikes at the front of the crossbow or maybe sth like in this image to the very left: https://collectionapi.metmuseum.org/api/collection/v1/iiif/33754/66063/main-image
    2. The white cloth are a nice idea thought I'd either prefer them to be darker or dirtier from the surrounding wood/metal, right now they seem to glow a bit. :D
    3. Compared to the rest of the wood the handle looks quite less used/rough. You can also try making the inside of the engraved ornament there darker/dirtier.

    Overall already looks really coherent!

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