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[FOR HIRE] Composer Offering High Quality Original Music!

I’m Hugh Holbech (aka. Miraduel) and I’m a video game composer from the UK. I have a first-class degree in creative music technology, I’ve composed for several games, produced two solo albums, and worked on a number of personal projects, including an ambient music pack.

I have extensive experience composing in many different styles, from intense electronica to adventurous Celtic music.

A quick Google will tell you that the typical rate for a minute of original video game music can be as much as £1000. As I’m a recent university graduate, eager to get stuck into exciting projects, I’m willing to offer my services for only £250 per minute of high quality audio.*

You can check out my latest work on my website.

Feel free to reply to this thread or drop me an email at miraduel@gmail.com if you have any questions.

*Fees may change depending on how soon you would like the original music. Please visit my rates page to see what your soundtrack may cost: https://www.miraduel.com/rates

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