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3D Architectural jobs and engineering knowledge?

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Lukes3D triangle

I would like to break into doing freelance work for architectural jobs on Upworks. However, I'm curious how many of these jobs require you to have actual structural engineering knowledge?

Alot of these jobs reference software like AutoCad, which implies they are looking for engineering precision. I don't want to be responsible for following buildings codes or the structural integrity of the building O_O.

Is it worth it for me to learn AutoCad, sketchup,etc, if I'm not an engineer?


  • Benjammin
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    Benjammin polycounter lvl 6

    I would imagine that being able to read plans and blueprints would be important, but its extremely unlikely that you'd be responsible for following a building code. I would check up on the laws where you live, but chances are that an architect or engineer would be approving anything that you do. I sincerely hope that buildings aren't being designed by random freelancers...

    Its worth knowing how to get autoCAD and sketchup files to work in your chosen 3D tool, but that's probably it - when I worked in archviz we'd have autoCAD files provided. Sketchup is gross - don't go near it if you have to.

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