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Texel Density Question/Maya

Hello everyone

I am facing an issue with texel density and it might be going right over my head so every help is appreciated. I am creating a very simple asset (at least the low poly version is simple) and intend on following the classic workflow, baking in Marmoset from the high poly made in Zbrush and then texturing in Substance. As an instruction it's mentioned that the texel density should be 10px/cm. Now I am not sure what I am doing wrong but here is my issue. Setting the map size to 2048 I then add on the box bellow the value of 10 (which I guess is the box for setting the value for px/cm) and the uvs are going of the1 to1 uv space, which means I cant bake properly. So of course I have to scale them down a bit, but then I get a lower value of something like 8.5. So what am I missing here? (I know that for tileable textures this is not an issue).


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