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Number of texture/trimsheets for a level?

I am trying to make a level in Natural History Museum in London, like the image below,

And I am not sure how many texture sets would be suitable for this kind of architecture - I am only making this hall, only the architecture but I want it to be optimised to be put in a game.

I'm planning to make it mostly trimsheets, but I am not sure how many of them would allow me to have a decent quality in a 2k texture map since I want to make sure that it has most of its distinctive brick textures without looking repetitive.

How many texture maps are usually assigned for this kind of environment when you say it's going to be put in a game, say third person shooter type of game?



  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky

    think in tens not hundreds and you'll be fine.

  • killnpc
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    killnpc interpolator

    deconstruct the scene by breaking it up into modular pieces in your mind. environment artists will plot out regions over the reference image like this to help get a better approximation.

  • LatteIsHorse

    Thanks, I won't go too crazy up to hundreds 👍️

    Thank you for the lines over the photo, I think I am on the right track on deconstructing the scene seeing your example!

    I understand that this would totally depend on how I break the environment down, but I don't want to go too crazy, would 10 be a good number to aim for?

    I hear that the number of texture sets tend to kill performance a lot, so I'm too concerned on having more than 10.

    Thanks all!

  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky

    its not as simple as the number of texture sets and it is impossible to give you a number to aim for without profiling what you have made.

    One of the great things about GPUs is that in many ways if it's less work for you it's also less work for the GPU. Re-use as much stuff as possible and you are going in the right direction.

    If you're targeting a modern PC/console you will have have to try quite hard to make something that doesn't run well if you follow the advice given by killnpc above and make an effort to do as little unique work as possible

  • LatteIsHorse

    I've sorted out most of the modular pieces so far, and I agree that I cannot get more detailed advice when I don't have anything to show about my work.

    I think I wanted to double check before I go too far then realise that I have done many things wrong, so what you're telling me is a great help.


  • sprunghunt
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    sprunghunt polycounter

    At a well orgainised game studio they will sometimes have a texture budget worked out. Something like: "each area of the map can have ten 4096 texture maps." This is a number that is based on how much memory there is - and how much memory the other objects and other areas are taking up.

    But some studios go by texture density instead. So you will say "a 4096 per 400 units" and every artist will try to match that scale.

    I'd have a look at some of the free content you can get on the epic games store (for example ; the paragon assets) and see what texel density they have. How many textures do they use and what size.

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