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[FULL TIME] [PAID] Maya Rigger / Unity Technical Animator - Remote - AR / VR real-time projects

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Factory 42 (London) is now looking for a 3D Character Rigger / Unity Technical Animator, working remotely.

Come and join us in creating innovative experiences, AR, VR, apps and games!

Please email your CV, website or demo reel to:


more details here:


Key responsibilities would include the following:


• Creating animation character rigs, both custom and Human IK based,

• Improving rigs and animation tools, working in-between departments,

• Skinning: good understanding of topology/deformations,

• Blend shapes creation and editing,

• Creating tools and scripts (MEL or Python),

• Familiar with game engine animation systems (eg. Unity, Unreal).


• Implementing assets in-engine,

• Retargeting and editing animation clips,

• Occasionally creating basic 3D animation clips: characters, creatures, props,

• Good understanding of animation principles,

• Knowledge of Maya, HumanIK and custom rigging. MotionBuilder is a plus.


• Debug problems in-engine, problem solving, troubleshooting,

• Willing to learn, teach others and suggest new tools and techniques.


• Professional game experience,

• Knowledge of Rigging process automation solutions,

• Github or other Version Control experience,

• Implementing In-Engine rigging, e.g. Look at Player, real time IK,

• State Machine / anim clips blending experience,

• Mo-cap experience is a plus,

• Has good animation jokes :D

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