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[Stealth game] Looking for Level Designer


We are a small team based in Germany that has been working together for several years. Currently, our project is the development of a top-down stealth game in a medieval-fantasy setting, to be published for PC on Steam. For this, we would like to welcome a level designer.

A small demo level is available with many playable features (see video).


The games protagonist, a boy from the slums with special abilities, is being recruited by a secretive group, so that he shall aid in the downfall of the king.

Players must circumvent or eliminate guards to achieve their goals. When discovered, the protagonist must act quickly and with agility, since he has very limited options to defend himself in direct confrontation.

Dialogues and choices are just as important if not more than the stealth gameplay. They can change the relationship to other characters, influence quests and even alter the course of history.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a motivated level designer in charge of creating both outside and inside spaces.

Early experience and some familiarity with Unity are expected – everything else can be learned by working with the team.

Any expertise with 3d software such as Blender or Maya is beneficial.

It is important for us you are ambitioned and communicative, as we meet up in discord to share our ideas frequently.


The team currently consist of 3 members:

1 x game designer

2 x writer

We work with a wiki and an agile board to keep track of everything, our main channel of communication being discord.


Preferably, contact us via Discord: InkyTales#7046

Alternatively, send an e-mail to info@inkytales.net or pm me here.

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