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can i get a critique or paint over on this art

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hello was wondering if i could get some feedback on this piece. i been working on it for ages. i am having trouble with the overall anatomy and lighting. i really dont mind paint overs. my brain is about to melt because i dont know what do do 😅


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G ngon master

    Hey! To me this reads like an illustration. As such I think the most important thing would be to communicate whatever the theme/idea is in the most convincing way. So what is the idea/theme behind it? I see a couple fooling around. Curious, the woman looks into the camera?! If the subject was a woman choking out a bad guy, it would have failed for me :P

    When taking a closer look the anatomy falls apart and the level of detail/polish seems to vary across the image. But as said, those are aspects that can consciously be put at lower priority if it's about conveying an idea. If you want to achieve more realistic anatomy, I think you would have to establish it in an early stage, maybe incorporate some poseable 3d models into the process. Long term make anatomy studies on the side, which will then help with the illustrations.

  • mkchainsaw

    this is the reference if you were wondering. i was trying very hard to get the anatomy close to the picture

  • decimecano

    having less details on the legs is good I think, makes you focus on the face, great style btw! anatomy is pretty good if you ask me, If you want to push the envelope you will have to look for how forearm anatomy and neck (mostly muscle insertions). I can see there are few gaps in your knowledge and you are just kinda of winging it. NO easy answer for this (I don't have the time for a paint over), you'll have to study where the m. bracioradiales starts and ends, as well as how the bicipital aponeurosis affect the shape nof the arm when the arm is bended. I'm just saying this because you asked, this is really good as it is. THere are lot of Ecorché drawings (cadaver or plaster cast of muscles) of necks, specially russian drawings, look into it.

  • decimecano

    also don't be afraid to deviate from the reference, specially on the right hand of the woman, having her hand over her foot would read more clearly, regardless of what the photo or reality shows.

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