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[Paid] Character animator using blender, dark fantasy game with stylized graphics.

[ Intro ]

We are a small, mostly freelance team of artists, working on a 2.5d hack and slash platforming game. We are currently working on a small demo, proof of concept of our project, before fully announcing our project.

We are recruiting a character animator to help create animations for the main character of our project. The character is using an autorig setup, and does not have a facial rig.

Knowledge of rigging and weightpainting is a big plus, but not required.

This will preferably be done in blender.

[ Character info]

The character is a younger female character, we are looking for more timid, feminine animations, while the combat animations will need to be more animalistic.

We have an example for the run animation and walking animation that you can use, but the other animations will need to be made from nothing.

The hair and part of the clothing will have physics, and as such, does not need to be animated, although you can use some simple bones if you prefer to make the preview look better.

[ Requirements ]

This job will include: 

- Animating a female character using an autorig skeleton.

- Making sure that the clothing and such doesn't act up too much.

- Making small adjustments to make movements look better ingame.


- Fixing weight issues if you find any.

- fixing skeleton issues if you find any.

[ Payment ]

Payment will be over Paypal, partially up front, and part before delivery. There is an option to discuss a higher price for after we announced the project.

[ Contact ]

Email: [email protected]

Discord: AiyaProject#8935

Please make sure to include the reason for contacting, and a relevant portfolio when contacting. If you do not have a full portfolio, please send us some examples of environments you made.

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