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[UE5] Mediterranean-Esque Balcony

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Ali_Youssef polycounter lvl 6

Oh hey there, fellers!

Haven't posted here in a while, and wasn't planning to tbh, art has gone from a passion to a hobby for me so I don't do this as often enough as I'd like.

Anyway, the scene is pretty much done, just figured I could post it here first in case there are any glaring issues I'm missing or if there are easy polishes anyone could recommend.

The idea for this came from a "feeling", I get these nostalgic pulses every now and then, so this scene resembles an exaggerated version of my village-house-rooftop back in Syria (but I feel this vibe can be found in a lot of other Mediterranean regions).

I went a bit nuts playing with DoF.. but I like all these shots so much more thanks to it haha

Technical deets: full-on nanite baby, 4k/8k virtual textures all the way, all Megascans (I'm so over this 'modeling' trend), took about 3 nights to create, and another night for polish/lighting/cinematic/screenshots. other than that feel free to ask and I'll share anything!

Thanks for stopping by! love you!


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