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Delayed Payment / Star Wars Project / High Risk - High Reward

General Information: You will sign a NDA doing work for us!

Company : To be disclosed on further contact. We require all team members and star wars council to be state-side because in the future we will be paying with royalties and/or cash deposits. After the project is finished you will be paid if the project fails, but if the project is successful, and you can elect for royalties. What you put in is what you get. We understand your time is valuable, and we want you to know that no name was created within five minutes. ( This is the cold hard truth.) We will stress test and work extremely hard, so everyone eats. This is a highly lucrative project that should've been done a long time ago, but there was never enough time or presence. Any work that is done for us, understand that it can not be used for anyone else and it must stay within our community.

Key Roles we are looking for : 2 Game programmers, 2 Design Developer, 1 Lighting / Special effects. Each role has the possibility of filling multiple hats, but if you know you are up for a challenge then lets bring fourth your force!

This is a community calling so if you bring an additional partner to help you and create for efficient process please let me know with your detailed message. This team will be small, and I have extreme success with different start-ups, so please only passionate people.

When you send us a private message on discord please include your portfolio and tell us which era was your favorite and why! Do you have experience with game programming and designing? You are a Design Developer and Lightning Specialist as well? Perfect. Tell us why you are the perfect candidate.(Experience with battle royales, VR, and mobile games is preferred

Here is our contact info RebelSystem#0001 for discord. All communication will be through discord, community calls will be held via discord. You will all have company emails, and company numbers via google voice.

How we support you!

-A monthly supply of goodies(Are you vegan? No problem vegan snacks only! No sodium, we will work around it!

-A monthly therapy session within our network

-When we say we care about your welfare. Yes we send you hygiene care packages! T-shirts, and shorts. Are we going to pitch the idea together as a group? your hotel/flight will be funded, your food will be taken care of, and if you need a dog giver, because you live alone we will pay for it as well! (We use per diem rates for food.)

May the force be with you!


  • Eric Chadwick
    Offline / Send Message

    FYI, applicants beware.

    If a team is going to develop a project with someone else's intellectual property (Disney in this case) they need a license agreement with that owner.

    Copyright holders like Disney must actively defend their copyrights against infringement, else they lose their copyright.

    Unless we're misreading it here...

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