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I tried to make some scifi stamp for painter in Designer, but there are lots of question

  1. is there any way to apply a mask for specific channels not all of them in painter, i mean i wanna apply a mask just for metallic and roughness textures not emissive once
  2. how can I make Painter apply a negative height value not positive,( as these stamps are in the paint layer not the fill layers and there isn't any control in the Painter for height value)
  3. is there a way to join all graph once and publish it as a tool for the painter, I joined all graphs once and tried multi switch node, is there any better way?

thanks for your answer

love and peace


  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky

    1 : it only outputs the channels you have an output for in the designer graph

    2 : probably not although a height value of 0 in designer is equivalent to -1 in painter

    3 : its probably better to make a smart material in painter if you want to composite multiple filters. if you want a tool that switches then using a multiswitch is fine. I recommend keeping your painter tools as simple and lightweight as possible in general though. things get slow very quickly

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