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Robyn the Cecaelia: Ready for Geometry critique

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Edit: Fixed 3d viewer

Hopefully 3d Viewer works okay and isn't against the rules. Made in maya. I've redone the suckers 7 times and the arms (tentacles) 5.

I'm looking for a general critique of her structure and proportion, stylistic elements of her body, is she pretty enough, etc.

There are some minor surface topology rough spots I need to fix, but I need to give it a couple of days and I'm interested to see what y'all say in the meantime. I'm not happy with the genitals, but I was worried putting them higher would make hinder people identifying with her. Or just make her look weird. I'm going to rely on the movement of the rig to iron that out. I'm as happy as I'm going to be with her ass until someone suggests something and I tear into it with the sculpt tools again.

Can't wait to hear from you!


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