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short animated clip about declining mental health

recently i tried natron and made a noot noot meme, and people who watched it liked it

so i decided id try to make a short clip with multible shots, and to keep me motivated i need a place to log my progress.


a office lady goes ftom door to door in some sort of montage with evaluation papers and is seemingly in a good mood

she arrives at a door which says "development"

next shot is from the inside of the room which is only lit by the screen of the empjoyee

she gets a little anxious and says

"excuse me please , i understand we are sheduled for the annual mental health exam"

the dev, a very messy guy with long messy beard looks up, his eyes focus on her for a litte, then continue to roll upwards

so his pupils dissapear, at the same time he slowly opens his mouth and thousends of spiders exit and crall all over the room.

next shot is outside of the office with the door and you hear a muffled scram.

i have just finished the office lady front view, for the montage part i still need a few other perspecitves, and coseups of hands on doorhandles and such

i am still searching for a good storyboarding software, or is it ok to do it on paper?

edit: i just realized i postet in the wrong section, since its ultimately being animated

edit2: im working on the behind, i realized i forgot pockets on the front

edit3: body of back is finished, conclusion: hair sucks, need to redo that, and i need to redo the front parts to make them animatable... also the shoulders do not align very well when rotated

anyone suggestions regarding hairstyle? obviously i need to add hilights to make it more interesting,

edit4: decided on bun, made lipsync mouths


the low mental health employee is done

edit6: made a first walk test for the armature , it sorta works, but i with i had found a 2d animation software that can do animated perspective transform so the legs would look so wonky.

i toyed with the idea of using a blender rig and 3d animation with planes instead of meshes buuut im not there yet skillwise (i was with 3dsmax but im too cheap for the licence fees)

(since its animation now, should a mod find this, can you please move it to the proper section?, im sorry for the inconvenience)


  • arrangemonk2

    i sort of abandoned this account and project (in this iteration) in favor of another one which turned out to be another eyeopener

    the first one thought me i suck at animation -> i created tools for animation so i got better at animation

    the socond one thought me that i need storyboards even for stuff thats under a minute

    3rd, i also need to learn how to cut videos proberly (you kno pacing and avoiding jump cuts and stuff like that)

    and ... look for yourself, if you're curious, but be warned its nsfw and distrubing, but not in the way i intended.it just became some sort of disgusting soft porn

    so now i started this "im a do a fancy walkcycle , with hints of story" thing again to keep myself out of my comfort zone, and continue to learn stuff (no matter how crap the result gets, its all about the learning experience)

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    okkkkk i thought i was using my original acount to post this reply... now im confused, i kinda work in 2 machines simultanously in remote (interestingly with the same wallpaper as the laptop on both) from some laptop and never know where i am unless i acutally look

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