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Woman face study inspired by Angelina Jolie

One of my first woman studies. Definitely there is a huge room to improve. Thanks for the reviews in advance.


  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero hero character

    I have few suggestions for you :

    Its a good idea to pose some of the refs that you used as well especially with actors that hae been there forever and look differently at each photo

    You will benefit greatly if you start doing individual features studies like mouth for example face comfort to simplification very well aka planes maybe look in to that it will allow you to have better control over forms and its easy to remember Check Hogarth or Nikolai Li books

    If you are in to likenesses you could start doing very simple but effective exercise just copying the profile line that will give you all proportion projection and spacing which is half the battle if you relate it to hear whole for example you will get the depth as well

    At its most basics faces share the same forms so if you dont understand something look at your own get a mirror ! also skull studies are crucial

    Also in a addition to plane simplification you could make yourself form simplification or analogs like eye is an olive shape nose a pyramid lips are like coconut or bow and half moon brow is like bird wings ear like a snail shell also help to have a group or family of forms bunch together for example lips could be combine with all their support form above below on the side so you got all working together lips mouth node pillar of the mouth philtrum white line and so on

  • balazscsordas

    Thank you so much for your feedback

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