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[FILLED] Looking for Experienced 3D Artist Generalist for Stylized, Cozy, Solarpunk Game

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Hey everyone!! We're a small indie gaming studio currently building out our browser-based game on WebGL. We are a team of engineers and concept artists spread across the world, and are searching for an experienced 3D artist/modeler/generalist to join as a core part of our team, to lead the 3D side of things.

Set in a city on the floating sky island, Loftia is a cozy, relaxing online multiplayer game where players will farm, build, and contribute to the growth of a solarpunk world in sustainable and eco-friendly ways. Think games like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, but in a 3D, browser-based MMO, together with thousands of other players.

We are looking for someone who is excited by this mission, and has experience creating 3d art and assets in the stylistic theme (see below) that we are looking for. There will be a high emphasis placed on quality and art style/stylization of the assets. Our team is tight-knit and collaborative, and we highly value the ability to work well within a team setting, give and receive constructive feedback openly, and have a growth mindset.

The pay range is between $20-30 USD/hr, and we are looking for someone to join us full-time (40hr/week) for the next ~6 months, at which point the plan is to launch a KickStarter, with the potential for a much longer-term position afterward.

The work will be of both environmental assets, as well as characters with rigging/animations (mostly environment assets to start). As reference art styles, we are drawing inspiration from several well-known games. See: https://imgur.com/v1WnHq1

And this is a sample of the concept art that we have created, envisioning the world to be built out: https://imgur.com/F0O9khh

If this interests you, please DM me here or on Discord Alcy#7537. Thanks for checking out this posting, and looking forward to hearing from you!


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