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UE5 textures not working as intended

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Hello friends,

I have a slight issue with ue5, let me explain.


I created a project in ue4 about 2 years ago and wanted to update it with ue5's new features. Going forward, I have my old project loaded into ue5 however some of the assets / models (from marketplace) haven't got textures applied or have but appear light blue. What's causing this? See attached screenshots.

2) Another side issue I'm having is that some of the assets from the packs are not here in the scene too, for example I have a couple of post apocalyptic vehicles in the ue4 scene but only 1 has carried over to ue5 and they're all from tthe same pack on marketplace which has puzzled me. Is this just a case off re-adding the pack to my project?

I've circled the main problem areas in a blue circle and included the original images as reference.

Thanks in advance! :)


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