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how can i get this shape in modo shown in image attached ,i'm a beginner so i need step by step tutorial.


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    Concentrate on the Right side Menü under Model Tab and use Modo Layout with Top and Front View and 3D.

    Top and Front View is good for correct placing and Grid Snapping aka correct measurements. 3D View more for Selecting and Overview.

    IN your picture you see the left Menü, its not relevant in the following process because its more Scene Layout for Objects, Materials, Lights, Textures etc...

    1. Create => Primitive => Toroid(Cylinder) and make a cylinder select the Toolproperties for the Cylinder at the side menü
    2. Tool Properties => Cap Top / Cap Bottom => Quad Grid (Thats make this very characteristic pattern you can see) start with 1 section for easier handle and 16 sides, use the handle bars (W;E;R) and Grid Snapping to place the cylinder and Space for confirmation
    3. Use Select Polygons and select the side polygons, go under Polygon Tab right side and use Thickens for the extra ring becasue your picture has 2 rings but caps make only 1 ring
    4. Select half the sides (Front View) and extrude them (usw W / E / R) for handles and bring the selected vertices at one plane for the flat surface. Use Grid Snapping for the verices for a clean surface maybe single select them
    5. now select the cap and use extrude tool under polygons to extrude them with 7 sides with gridsnap for 8 sections or a few times single handed (grid snap is your friend)
    6. for the finishing touch select Edges, select the edges (use arrow UP after 2-3 selections sometimes it helps) and go under Edge and use the Bevel Tool and use Edge Shape Square or Sharp for NO Rounding effect and select by value the effect value

    P.s: My Method gices the Shape but not the correct Edge flow, the flat side looks like a few times extruded and not only 1 time. But thats up to you. Start with a Toroid with Quad Caps and you see what you need to archive this edge flow.

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