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Dwarf Paladin

I always thought Blizzard did a fantastic job with the tier 2 armor sets in WoW especially Judgement. I thought it would be cool to re-create it with PBR and a higher poly count. A dwarf was of course the natural choice to don the legendary set. I hope I did it justice. Total tri count: 80k



  • Crazy_pixel
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    Crazy_pixel interpolator

    I like it, he looks like a grumpy old dwarf!

    A small suggestion for your next projects would be using an own texture set for your head.

    Benefit: You would get a higher resolution for the skin details and also for the Weapon.

    Currently you are combining an interchangeable prop like the hammer with the whole character. That would cause issues for you if, for example you work on a game project and the character would use multiple armour and weapon sets. So it's better to use more UV sets if needed :)

  • SeanFerretti
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    Hehe thanks man, yeah I wanted to limit myself to just 2 UV maps but I totally understand your point and would do it differently for an actual game. Cheers for checking it out :D

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