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[PAID] Skybox Artist/Matte Painter

Remote (company based in Toronto), Canada


Job Description

Lunarch is seeking a talented artist to help us create skies for our upcoming fantasy-photorealistic Unreal Engine puzzle MMO set in a sublime floating island universe.

This project would be appropriate for a freelance artist or small studio with a skybox specialty.

We would begin initially with a small contract for a single spherical matte painting based on a fixed lighting setup. If successful, additional projects may also be available.

Skills & Requirements

Main requirements:

  • Excellent, proven sky art or matte painting skills in a realistic or fantasy-realistic style, with solid experience working on clouds, atmospherics, space, or astronomical art.
  • The ability to create layered spherical images and export them as cubemaps (4k per side) or 8k spherical projections
  • The ability to work both above and below the horizon (our floating island universe has skies beneath the main gameplay area!)

Bonus points for the following:

  • Experience with HDR workflows, including the creation of ambient skylight cubemaps
  • Ability to integrate sky art into Unreal Engine levels
  • Ability to animate clouds using flowmaps
  • Ability to use parallax layers, volumetrics, or 3D meshes to add depth to your skies

Additional Information

Work Remotely

How to Apply

Email [email protected]. Please include a portfolio link containing skybox art or matte paintings containing skies, clouds, or astronomical art.

About the Company

Relocation not required! All positions are remote.

Lunarch is a small (~15 people) Canadian game developer founded in 2013 by a group of math olympiad champions, professional poker players, and MIT PhD students. We develop cutting-edge, intelligent games that leverage technology to create novel and deep experiences for smart players. Our products are ambitious, one-of-a-kind titles that define new genres and innovate in multiple directions at once.

Our current project aims to bring large-scale multiplayer gameplay to the 3D puzzle genre (Portal, The Witness, Zelda, etc.). The title is built in Unreal Engine and is fully funded.

At Lunarch, you’ll contribute to ambitious titles that aim to make meaningful advances to the state of the art. We operate in an ideal mid-budget space: we’re sufficiently well-funded to hire the best people, do high-quality work, and promote our titles widely, but we’re not constrained by the AAA need to stick with low-risk designs for mass-market audiences. You will make an impact here.

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