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AAA 3D Art Studio At Near Indie Prices (Past Clients: Disney, Lego, Microsoft, Gameloft)

DigitalShock has been working on AAA projects for nearly 15 years, and our team of 450 can help you finish projects faster, create additional content, lower overhead, decrease risk and, most important of all; we create amazing 3D art and my team delivers on schedule. 

Direct endorsements from executives at Gameloft, Blizzard, and others can be found on our website www.digitalshock.eu and directly on our founder’s LinkedIn here. 

Past games include Disneyland Adventures, Lego Universe, Age of Empires, Tanks: Armoured Warfare, Forza 2, Forza 3, Call of Duty Vanguard, Gangstar: New Orleans, Hero of 3 Kingdoms, Call of Duty: Black Opps - Cold War, Mortal Combat X, and many others. We manage 5 teams globally (we are in Canada, Serbia, Poland, Brazil, and Taiwan). These teams have various specializations, experience, and art styles, and we manage all our teams on your behalf, globally, in multiple timezones. 

We assign a single point of contact highly experienced project manager and art director to every single project at no additional cost. 

So what this means for you, is you have a solid, tightly managed team available to you globally, to help you scale up and scale down as you need to. 

We operate on a milestone payment system, where our clients are able to review and provide feedback (per milestone) to ensure a successful project that is transparent and in step with your expectations. We keep our clients updated on our progress on a daily basis. We want our clients to feel that we are an extension of their team, and we take a collaborative approach to providing maximum value to your organization.

Please contact us TODAY about your next project, and work with the most reliable external development team in the world!

[email protected]

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