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Wacom Intuos + XP PEN Display tablet = Driver Issues?

I want to add a screen tablet to my arsenal. NOT replace my Intuos or "upgrade", I still reach for the Intuos for a more "organic" and loose feel.

I've tried the Cintiqs and they just seem way expensive for a screen, so I'm looking at XP-PEN since they recently added eraser buttons to their pens and seem to have a 3D pen. I'll mostly use this for sculpting in ZBrush and maybe some 2D ink work.

Just wondering if the drivers could coexist. Some people seem to say yes and others say no. Anyone tried it?


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    If you clone your main monitor onto the display tablet you wont need the wacom.

    I work like that with my Huion Kamvas. Most of the time i look at the main Monitor only for precise detail work i use the display.

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