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[Hiring] - 3D Artist - Closed

We're reviewing applicants. No need for more. Thank you.

I'm looking for a creative modeler for 3d injection molded mini's.

We have a total of ~10 miniatures we need to make. Size fairly small (1-3/16 x 9/16 x 3/4") though I'd like to be able to print a handful at closer to 30mm size.

The reason I say a creative modeler is that the models have several components to them and the keep the needs in line with budget I believe it's going to be beneficial to pull some base assets from sites such as cgtrader etc (under a commercial license) and merge/modify them for our use vs creating them all from scratch (which I'm open to but I'd like to make sure the budget matches the work).

I'm trying to keep the budget between $200-$300 per model depending on complexity. Some familiarity with injection molding / printing a big plus.

We do not have concept art for these but do have images of the characters and for what we're doing there are a lot of samples we can provide.

Please email [email protected] with samples and I can provide additional information.

Thank you.

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