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Looking for a 3D modeller.

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About me:

Hi, I'm ElvenSlayer. I'm a new solo developer looking to develop and release my first commercial game. I have been doing work in unity for a few months now and I specialize in the coding aspect of game development. I'm not going to lie and say I'm perfect and have all the skills to program the next Witcher but I am highly motivated and believe with some help I can make something amazing.

Project details:

Platform: PC

Title: Militant

Genre: Rougelite FPS

Game modes: Single-player, maybe Co-op in the futre

Engine: Unity

Graphics: 3D

Militant is a Rougelite FPS I've been hard at work developing. Currently in the prototyping phase but making good progress. The vision for the game is to try and combine some of the best features from rougelite's and FPS games to produce a complete package that satisfies consumers of both genres. The game is gameplay first orientated and hoping to have some amazing semi realistic 3D art and models, The idea for the setting is a underground railway and tunnels system infested by a cult like group of enemies that have made these underground areas their base of operations. You play a rough military veteran trying to escape this hell hole by climbing through the various levels of enemy territory. If you want to see what I've done so far check out my twitter: https://twitter.com/RealmsElven.

What I'm looking for:

I need a 3D modeller who can take charge of the 3D art of the project and make this game his/her own. Expierence isn't required but it is appreciated if you have some work you can show off. The art style of the game can be discussed and tailored to fit your skillset and prefered medium. Looking for someone who can put a decent amount of time in but it doesn't have to be full time. If you have any other skills all the better.

What I can offer:

I'm a broke part time student so for the amount I can't offer any type of monthly salary. I'd prefer to fully calaborate on this with a partner who I will share any profits with, but post lauch componsation and royalties can be discussed. I can assure a good environment where your opinions will be valued and a environment where we will learn and grow together.

How to contact me:

You can contact me through twitter (https://twitter.com/RealmsElven), email (elvenrealmsgames@gmail.com) or discord (ElvenSlayer#2352).

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