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[Feedback] 10 days of sculpting multiple heads

Hi, I'm looking to get some feedback on my sculpts over the last 10 days. I can see significant improvement, but wondering what areas still need work.

I started with 4 heads a day which took about 3 hours, but went down to just 2 heads/day after 6 days because 4 was starting a feel like a lot. I instead spent a little more time on each head when doing 2 (about 2 and half hours between both). Would it be better to spend less time on 4 heads/day, or continue to do 2 heads/day with a little more time put into them?

As you can see from the first image, I used no reference for the first head, but did for the second and then repeated that for 3rd & 4th. I did this everyday of practice (idea from flippednormals). I did the same thing for the 2 head renders (left head with no reference, right head with reference).

Apologies for the inconsistent renders. I wasn't planning on sharing these initially, so I just set them up quickly for myself. Some are in perspective view, but most are orthographic (is one better than the other when sharing for feedback?). I also did not render day 1, so these images start from day 2 practice.


  • JohannesAg
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    JohannesAg greentooth

    I would personally recommend doing fewer heads and spending more time on each one. There is value in repetition but going slower and trying to understand the forms is probably better for learning at this stage imo.

    I do see that you consistently put the neck too far back, would bring that forward quite a bit.

    What kind of references are you using? I´d recommend grabbing turnarounds of scans like this if that's not what you're already doing https://www.3dscanstore.com/3d-head-models/female-head-3d-models/female-01-head-scan-cleaned

    Or better yet get a scan and study/copy it. And for sure start learning about the underlying anatomy, the anatomical structure is largely missing right now.

    Good luck!

  • Dilbert

    I'm just using a pureref file with a bunch of different eyes, lips, noses and some random models front/side pictures, as well as some skull photos. I do always start with the skull, but don't go all the way with it (am I supposed to?). I just do the eye sockets, nose, jaw outline, cheek bone, and general shape of the head before trying to fill in the flesh. I always find myself bringing in the cheek bone cause it's always sticking out too far by the end, so I'm definitely doing something wrong there.

    I haven't thought about turnarounds, but I will definitely look into that. Thanks for the feedback :)

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G ngon master

    Hey :) I think looking at reference models from different angles certainly helps.

    I recommend also disect your reference images by drawing in proportions and features. Generally I think some rough 2d sketches is really nice tool to make conscious observations.

    I think there is no need to detail facial features before the proportions are right. So you could practise with lower resolution.

    Also can help to block out by sticking shapes together. When blocking out, I like to split and merge geometry like with clay.

    Keep it up!

  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master

    Great advice from members already.

    Like has been sed: having a ref you can rotate around is handy. Attractive generic models are hardest and most useful for practice. With characters I have DAZ 3D (below) open on another monitor while I work so I can rotate around and see every aspect. DAZ is free. You should be able to make variations by changing the base using real world ref pics like 3d-sk after a while. I'd start by doing quick studies of whole figures and keep the resolution low. How you are doing it now results in difficult to control high resolution lumpy surfaces that don't communicate too well.

    Have fun.

  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero quad damage

    Nail down head neck and shoulders shape/forms first then you could start practicing individual features and adding it to the mix

    Look for bold or shaved ppl for head shape or skull if you ignore the face

  • Dilbert

    Day 13-20. 

    skipping renders 11-12 to keep the amount of pictures down. I started doing 1 render on day 13 so I don't have so many. On day 15 I started doing just 1 head and putting around 2-2.5 hours into it. Would anyone recommend to continue sculpting a head without reference as well? is there a point?

    I was watching an anatomy video the other day with sculpting in zbrush, and they basically traced a sphere around a skull model to start the head. I thought that seemed like a good idea so I started doing that on day 15. I've been wondering if this is a bad idea though and if I should be trying to make my own head shape by just looking at reference instead? I've been thinking about adding in what carvuliero suggested on top of a detailed head every day, so maybe I do both if I have the time.

    Up until day 14 I was just using a bunch of references from different people for the parts of the face, but on days 15-20 I tried to sculpt a specific celebrity. Wondering if anyone can guess who to see if there is any resemblance lol. The front of day 20 looks most accurate to me.

    I'm sure I need to improve everywhere, but my problem areas I notice the most are ears, nose, and jaw. maybe still too high poly as well. I find it difficult to stay low poly for the eyes.

    Anyways, thanks to everyone who has left a suggestion/advice. I haven't implemented everything yet, but I want to try.

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