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Feedback wanted on WIP 1960's Detective's Office

I have most of it done, but I feel like there's a few things missing to really make the piece stand out. I just can't quite figure out what those things are. Any critique would be great, thanks! Using UE5. I also included my lighting setup if that helps at all. I tried putting specific subtle lights to help bring out the roughness values on certain objects


  • hublus
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    hublus polycounter lvl 4

    Hi there, I think it's looking not bad. Thing that in my opinion could be definitely improved is lighting. There are some really black areas where it's almost impossible to see anything. Adding more indirect light would help a lot. From other things I can think of: maybe adding more disorder in room could make whole scene more interesting as for now composition is a bit boring.

    And also this edge wear on desk is looking too procedural.

    And last advice I can give you: don't work on it for few days(don't even look at it!) so after these few days you can look at whole thing with fresh eyes. I do it usually when I can't make futher progress on my personal projects and it often helps me spot things that could be improved. Good luck!

  • Darkstein
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    Hello AndrewZwaan22, i agree with Hublus, the lighting will give a lot to this scene, leave it a few days so your mind can rest and process it, it will help a lot.

    and like Hublus suggested a adding more disorder, a personality trait from who is the office, like the coffe and the bin that is full in your scene.

    i think that a good example will be the office on The evil whitin 2, the drawing from his daugther let me know about the character and where is it placed it helps to solidify that idea.

    i hope this helps.

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