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Shuparnkha (Realtime Character)- Ravana's Sister

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This is personal project, a real time character which I have done after 4-5 year, I mean a complete character for games.

also this is a longest project for me , I was working on this since last 8-9 months, I am always passionate about Indian Mythological stories.

So I started this one with a quick bust sketch, which became a full concept character later on.

She is a sister of Ravana, and also the primary reason for Ramayan Story.

Hires is done in Zbrush, Textures in Substance Painter, Lowres in 3Ds Max, UVs in RizomUV, Baking and Rendering in Marmoset.

Hair- Created in Xgen and placed it in Zbrush.

Total Polycount is around 125000 Tries.

Texture Sheets are 4k


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